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The escape artist

Dottie is one of two blue Australorps. She can be distinguished by her black feet and escape artistry. She can be seen out without the others several times a day and has taken Nanoha under her wing showing her how to escape as well - leaving the other 3 behind. Dottie is known for her large red-brown eggs, which dwarf all the other hen's eggs.



Goth queen

R.I.P. Minerva June 2020 - May 2022

The flock and the Bakery haven't been the same without you sweet girl.

Minerva is the quieter of the two blue Australorps, but no less sweet. She is the darker of the two and has a 'meh' attitude, lending to her nickname "goth queen". She enjoys dust baths and foraging with her sisters in the yard. At night, she is always the last in the coop, making sure all her sisters are safe. Like Dottie, she is known for her (almost as large) red-brown eggs.



The screamer

Getta is one of two Ameraucanas or "easter eggers" roaming the yard. Getta is the most curious of the flock and is always willing to try new treats and the first to run up and say hello. She can often be heard having her daily existential crisis and screaming into the void. She provides us with beautiful olive green eggs.




R.I.P. Isabella June 2020 - Feb 2023

We miss you baby girl.

Isabella is the other Ameraucana roaming the yard. Isabella is known for fighting for the best treats and her love of perching on in the tallest places possible. Her permanent puffy cheeks make her look like she is storing food for the winter. Just like her feathers, she lays the lightest color of the eggs - light blue.



Miss independent

Nanoha is the only speckled Sussex that is roaming the yard. Sadly her flock twin, Eddie, passed when they were only 2 weeks old. She is both the most mellow and independent chicken of the flock. While she likes to stay in view of her sisters, she can be found roaming the far-flung areas of the yard to find the best spiders and bugs. She is often Dottie's break-out accomplice. She lays small to medium brown eggs that are distinctively oval-shaped.

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