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Little Forest Bakery is back in full force for 2022!

We are excited to hit the ground running in the New Year! While surgical complications put us on hiatus for the last part of 2021, we are back in full force for 2022 with some exciting announcements!


We are pleased to announce that we have streamlined our ordering form and as of the new year we can ship our orders to customers in California! Check out our website for more details or drop Chef Emily an email or DM.

New Macarons for the New Year If you haven’t had a macaron before, you are missing out! Macarons are meringue and almond flour-based sandwich cookies that literally melt in your mouth. Fillings include buttercream, ganache, fruit-based jam, and a variety of other delicious things. Because macarons are made with almond flour, they are also gluten-free! Our macarons have always been our signature pastry and customer favorite. To ring in the new year, we wanted to introduce four delicious new macaron flavors for you to enjoy! Our new flavors include chocolate, birthday cake, dulce de leche, and cookies n’ cream.


These indulgent chocolate macarons are perfect for any chocolate lover. Both the delicate almond cookie and filling are made with dutch cocoa powder producing a decadent chocolate experience.


Birthday Cake

The combination of vanilla cookies and buttercream made with real vanilla will have you celebrating your birthday all year with these Birthday Cake macarons!

Cookies n' Cream

Cookies n' cream is always a favorite, so we decided to combine this classic taste with out delicate almond cookies to bring you cookies n' cream macarons

Dulce de leche

If an alfajor and a macaron had a baby, this would be it. These classic almond macaron cookies are filled with traditional dulce de leche surrounded by a delicate dulce de leche buttercream.

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